The Genomics Gateway is designed to guide the user through the area of international treaties, conventions, standards and guidelines applicable to biotechnology. This is done through the provision of summary information on the key international organisations and regulations and regular reports on developments in the regulatory area.

Recent Submissions

  • Genomics Monitor, Issue 1

    Rhodes, Catherine A. (2006-05)
    Welcome to the first issue of the Genomics Monitor. The Genomics Monitor provides information and analysis on developments in the international regulations relevant to the control of the biotechnology revolution. This introductory issue outlines the full range of applicable regulations at the international level - providing details on each regulation's aims, provisions, development and current status. Thirty-five key regulations are covered within the areas of arms control, health and disease control, environmental protection, trade, drugs control and the social and ethical impacts of human genetics. Because this Issue was launched in mid-November 2006 - just prior to the Sixth Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention - there is also a section covering Key Points for the Conference. It is clear from the content of the Monitor that there are significant connections between the rules in the different issue areas as they apply to biotechnology. Because of these connections, awareness of developments throughout the set of regulations is important to ensure they develop in a mutually supportive manner. A key aim of this and future Issues is therefore to raise awareness of the connections between the regulations and highlight cross-cutting work being undertaken by associated international organisations. The Genomics Monitor is of relevance to anyone interested in the international regulation of biotechnology, and of particular use to those involved in informing and making policy in this area.