• The intranet: a platform for knowledge management systems based on knowledge mapping.

      Buniyamin, N.; Barber, Kevin D. (2004)
      This paper presents a discussion based on a literature review and a case study on the suitability of using an intranet as a platform to implement Knowledge Management System (KMS). A description of Knowledge Management (KM) and the current research carried out in this area, with examples of web-based KMS systems currently implemented in organisations, are presented. Further, this paper then describes how knowledge mapping of an organisation's intranet as a form of a KMS can be used to promote the re-utilisation of knowledge, which will contribute to the competitiveness of the organisation. A case study that illustrates and presents evidence of the need and suitability of such a system is provided. The paper ends with a proposal for future research to be carried out in this area.