• Paired Evaluation: Preliminary Report from the Pilot Evaluation of the Paired App

      Gabb, J.; Aicken, C.; Di Martino, Salvatore; Witney, T. (The Open University/The University of Brighton, 2021-03)
      Romantic relationships are extremely important to people’s happiness and well-being, yet many people do not seek advice with relationship issues or may do so only once serious problems arise. Paired is a commercially available relationships app. Launched in October 2020, it currently has over 12,000 daily active users, predominantly in the US and UK. Public self-management of care (i.e. self-help) is target for technological investment, as digital health and well-being apps gain popularity. There are currently over 318,000 health apps available worldwide, with a further 200+ new health apps coming onto the market each day. Research has shown that mobile health (mHealth, i.e. health and well-being apps) can be effective in supporting behaviour change: helping us to adopt and maintain healthy behaviours. However, many health and well-being apps are not based on reliable research evidence, the only indication of an app’s quality deriving from ‘user reviews’. Paired is evidence-based. Focusing on the area of romantic relationships, it seeks to support and enhance couple relationships, before the point when professional help may be needed. Researchers at The Open University (OU) and the University of Brighton evaluated the effectiveness of Paired, using a mixed methods approach... We created the Quality of Relationship Index (QRI), a rigorously-developed measure of overall relationship quality. We found that quality of communication – the underpinning dimension of all relationship maintenance behaviour – was most strongly related to overall relationship quality... In developing the QRI, we explored change in different aspects of relationship quality, whilst using Paired... Integration of the findings from our analyses of different data sources, and the ‘dose-response’ effect that we consistently observed, together give us confidence that Paired is responsible for the improvements to relationship quality that its users enjoy.