• Where do they go? Destination Unknown: An exploratory study of the disposal of transdermal drug patches in the private healthcare sector (UK)

      Breen, Liz; Zaman, Hadar; Mahmood, A.; Nabib, W.; Mansoorali, F.; Patel, Z.; Amin, M.; Nasim, A. (2015-04)
      The effective disposal of medication and more specifically accidental exposure to fentanyl via transdermal patches has recently been highlighted in two key documents [1, 2]. Whilst the volume of unused medicines cost the NHS over £300 million every year [1], the volume of transdermal patch waste is unknown. There is a need for greater pharmacy intervention in the effective disposal of medicines to resolve issues such as hospital (re)-admissions, stockpiling leading to patient self–prescribing/dosing, and land and water pollution. The aim of this study was to examine transdermal patch disposal systems and practice amongst private sector care providers in the UK. This was part of a larger study focusing on transdermal patch application.