• Question & Answer EU Law

      Guth, Jessica; Mowlam, Edward T. (2017-07-31)
      EU law is not a subject enjoyed by most students but it really does not have to be difficult. Every EU law question is likely to ask you to apply your knowledge of the law to a particular context – either a practical one, as in problem questions, or a more theoretical one, as in essay questions. For both you need to remember that EU law does not exist in isolation but is inextricably linked with the national legal systems of the Member States. The interaction between European law and these systems is crucial to understanding how EU law works. EU law is often considered in a political context and this has become very apparent in the UK following the referendum in June 2016 and the vote for ‘Brexit’. At te time of writing Brexit negotiations are continuing and for now EU law applies as it always has in the UK. Recognising that your political stance is likely to influence your views on EU law is valuable and something which can make your answers stronger, particularly in relation to questions on historical, constitutional or institutional issues.