• Evolution of supply chain ripple effect: a bibliometric and meta-analytic view of the constructs

      Mishra, D.; Dwivedi, Y.K.; Rana, Nripendra P.; Hassini, E. (2019)
      In the broad sphere of Operations Management, Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) is a significant area of interest for both academics and practitioners. As SCRM has transitioned from an emerging topic to a growing research area, there is a need to review existing literature in order to ascertain development in this area. There are many literature reviews on this topic, however, there is a lack of an extensive review using network analysis and meta-analysis within SCRM context including ripple effect. To address this gap, we performed a review of 2564 articles published in peer-reviewed academic journals from 1976 to December 2018. First, we apply a network analysis tool on 2564 articles and identify emerging research clusters. Second, to conduct meta-analysis, we collated empirical results from the studies identified. Of those 2564 articles, 42 studies were empirical in nature including 29 studies that used a range of different constructs with appropriate correlation values required for performing meta-analysis. Through this study, we contribute to the literature on SCRM by discussing the challenges of current research, but more importantly, by identifying and proposing five research clusters and future research directions. Finally, the paper acknowledges the theoretical contribution, the limitations of this study, and suggests further research directions.