• Identification of critical management skills in healthcare operations management: The case of pharmacists in the National Health Service (UK)

      Breen, Liz; Roberts, Leanne; Mathew, Dimble; Tariq, Zara; Arif, Izbah; Mubin, Forhad; Manu, Bradlyn; Aziz, Fessur (2015-06)
      The role of the pharmacist as we know it has altered substantially over recent years. No longer is the expectation that they are a dispenser of pills and potions and nothing else (Richardson and Pollock, 2010). Skills/competencies mapping and associated performance have been examined from a supply chain perspective e.g. Kauppi et al., 2013; Sohal, 2013; but there is limited evidence of such exploration within the pharmacy profession and healthcare operations management. The aim of this study is to explore the critical management skills needed by pharmacists to effectively perform their role within the National Health Service (UK).