• Perceived service quality, repeat use of healthcare services and inpatient satisfaction in emerging economy: Empirical evidences from India

      Trivedi, Rohitkumar; Jagani, K. (2018)
      Purpose: The chief objective of the study is to understand that how different demographic variables and repeated availing of service from the same doctor or same hospital shapes the overall perception of healthcare service quality and satisfaction among inpatients admitted in private hospitals in an emerging economy. Methodology: A self-administered, cross-sectional survey of inpatients using a questionnaire translated into Hindi and Gujarati. The data was collected from 702 inpatient from 18 private clinics located in three selected cities from Western India. Findings The results indicate that experience with hospital administration, doctors, nursing staff, physical environment, hospital pharmacy and physical environment is significant predictor of inpatient satisfaction. Physical environment was found to be significantly associated with satisfaction only among female inpatient. It was also found that repeat availing of services either from the same hospital or doctor does not increases patient satisfaction. The feasibility, reliability and validity of the instrument that measures major technical and non-technical dimensions of quality of healthcare services were established in the context of a developing country. Originality/Value: The study makes important contribution by empirically investigating the inpatient assessment of healthcare service quality based upon their demographic information and repeated availing of services to understand how repeat visit shapes the service quality perception.