• An In Vitro Male Germ Cell Assay and Its Application for Detecting Phase Specificity of Genotoxins/Mutagens

      Habas, Khaled S.A.; Brinkworth, Martin H.; Anderson, Diana (2018)
      Genotoxic agents can interact with DNA in germ cells possibly resulting in a heritable trait (germline mutation). Thus, in vitro male germ cell tests, which can detect phase specificity of such agents, could be used by regulatory agencies to help evaluate the potential risk of mutation. The male germ cell system now has a well-established model for studying phase specificity using the STA-PUT velocity sedimentation. On treatment with genotoxic agents, differences in chemical structure and metabolic differences in types of male germ cell lead to differing susceptibilities to genotoxicity, so careful investigation is required for phase specificity. This can yield valuable information about the potential mechanisms involved in the genotoxicity responses and thus increase the significance of the findings. This is especially important because mutations induced in the germline could also affect future generations. In this chapter, we briefly review the field of the male germ cell DNA damage response.