• Do we need to be Sustainable? An examination of purpose and intention behind Sustainability practice in Community Pharmacies in the National Health Service (UK)

      Breen, Liz; Garvey, O.; Mosan, G.; Matthias, Olga; Sowter, Julie (2017-09)
      The National Health Service (NHS) Five Year Forward View in 2014 issued a grave warning that if healthcare demand in the UK continued to grow as its current rate, and efficiency or funding changes were not instigated there could be a mismatch between the service (in terms of resource provision) and patients of up to £30 billion a year by 2020/21. The report asserted that in order to “sustain a comprehensive high-quality NHS; action will be needed on all three fronts – demand, efficiency and funding” (2014:5). Based on this escalating issue, and with a focus on the expanded and value-added role of Community Pharmacists, this study chooses to focus on this service operation in light of the pressures as highlighted above by examining what Sustainability means and how it is applied in Community Pharmacy as a service provider in the NHS (UK).