• in terrorem: "with their tanks and their bombs, and their bombs and their guns, in your head"

      Asquith, Nicole (2009-11-11)
      While terrorism has become a major topic of discussion and analysis in the academy and in the policy making of Australian institutions, it rarely affects the everyday life of Australian citizens. Yet for some groups, in terrorem is a way of life¿particularly for those whose lives are performed under social and political spotlights. At the core of the limitations imposed on certain groups in Australia is the use of language to police the behaviours of these groups, and to create a social environment that makes the hiding one¿s identity the most effective mechanism to avoid terror. In this paper, I analyse the linguistic themes and forms used in hate violence as way to illustrate the impact of in terrorem on gay men, lesbians and Jews, and suggest alternative means by which to regulate the harm caused by vilification.