• Ambushed by a Grotesque: Archaeology, Slavery and the Third Paradigm

      Taylor, Timothy F. (2005)
      19 papers presented at the Proceedings of a Prehistoric Society conference at Sheffield University in February 2001. including at number 19: Ambushed by a grotesque: archaeology, slavery and the third paradigm (Tim Taylor).
    • A New Form of Warfare: The rise of non-lethal weapons.

      Dando, Malcolm R. (1996)
      An exploration of deploying non-lethal weapons in todays chaotic post cold-war world; thereby facilitating peacekeeping deployments without casualties. Dando argues a more sinister outcome could be the result.
    • The Potential of Plant Pathogens Against Crops

      Whitby, Simon M. (2001)
      This paper illustrates the characteristics of plant pathogens that have been found to be of most relevance in offensive biological warfare programmes. It shows how states envisaged these pathogens might be used against crops. It assesses whether the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention can deal adequately with this potential threat.