• Cumulative Load of Depressive Symptoms Is Associated With Cortisol Awakening Response in Very Old Age.

      Chui, Helena; Hoppmann, C.A.; Gerstorf, D.; Walker, R.; Luszcz, M.A. (2014)
      This study examined links of cumulative and present depressive symptoms with present cortisol diurnal profiles in oldest-old adults. Five waves of data from 50 older adults (M age = 89.05 years; 64% women) who participated in the Australian Longitudinal Study of Ageing were used to combine 15 years of longitudinal data with seven cortisol samples per day over a one-week period. Findings revealed that individuals with more past depressive symptoms showed a lower cortisol awakening response (CAR). Interestingly, present depressive symptoms were not associated with the CAR. These findings inform our understanding of distal health factors in very old age.