• Stakeholder Roles and Stakeholder Analysis in Project Planning: A review of approaches in three agencies - World Bank, ODA and NRI .

      MacArthur, John D. (13/05/2011)
      Stakeholder topics are one of the main ideas in development thinking that have been introduced in the last few years, certainly a concept of the 1990s. The use of stakeholder language and the application of analysis, planning and management methods directed towards different interest groups are increasingly becoming commonplace, especially amongst some anglophone donors, Three main general applications of stakeholder ideas have been developed in the literature: - the involvement of Stakeholders in Participatory methods of Development intended to achieve sustainable poverty relief; - the use of Stakeholder Analysis to assure the implementation soundness of development projects; and - its use as a means of understanding the many economic interests and processes that relate to "systems" for Natural Resource Management, this understanding to be applied in a number of developmentally beneficial uses.Naturally the three strands of applying stakeholder ideas draw from each other. This paper looks at the emergence of thinking and applications from them all, leading towards a more full consideration of the application of Stakeholder Analysis in the planning of projects of various kinds.