• Delivering informed measures of patient centred care in medical imaging: what is the international perspective?

      Hyde, E.; Hardy, Maryann L. (2021)
      Focus on patient experience and patient centred approaches within healthcare has substantially increased since the Picker Institute (a not for profit organisation) was established in the 1980′s [ [15] ]. The Picker Institute's vision for ‘the highest quality person centred care for all, always’ outlines eight principles of person-centred care which health care providers should strive for [ [15] ]: (1) Fast access to reliable healthcare advice [15]. (2) Effective treatment delivered by trusted professionals [15]. (3) Continuity of care and smooth transitions. [15] (4) Involvement and support for family and carers [15]. (5) Clear information, communication and support for self-care [15]. (6) Involvement in decisions and respect for preferences [15]. (7) Emotional support, empathy and respect [15]. (8) Attention to physical and environmental needs [15].