• Development of the Adolescent Attitudes towards Dementia Scale (A‐ADS)

      Griffiths, Alys W.; Parveen, Sahdia; Shafiq, Saba; Oyebode, Jan R. (2018-08)
      Objective: There has been an increasing interest in establishing dementia friendly communities leading to the development and delivery of various dementia awareness initiatives. These initiatives have generally been aimed at adults, however to sustain dementia friendly communities, the involvement of young people is imperative. Very few dementia awareness initiatives exist for young people and none have been independently evaluated to establish their impact. This research aimed to design and develop a scale to measure adolescents’ attitudes towards dementia to allow such initiatives to be evaluated. Methods: The Adolescent Attitudes toward Dementia Scale (A-ADS) was developed in two stages. Firstly, cognitive interviews were conducted with 15 young people and secondly, a new scale (based on items from two existing scales) was piloted with 262 young people, recruited through schools. Results: A scale consisting of 23 items was developed. Exploratory factor analysis demonstrated that this captured three factors; perceptions of dementia, personal sacrifice and empathy with people living with dementia. The three sub-scales showed adequate internal consistency (>.60), correlated with the original scales (r = .79-.91, p <.001) and correlated with an existing measure of attitudes towards older people at a similar level to the original scales (r = .47, p < .001). Discussion: The scale will allow the evaluation of educational initiatives for young people and provide a validated and standardised measure to establish adolescents’ attitudes towards dementia.