• Challenges and Opportunities: The Impact of the Press Law (2008) on the Role of Journalism in the Kurdistan Region post-2003

      Roberts, Benjamin L.; Robison, David J.; Mawlood, Saman Jalal (University of BradfordBradford Media School, School of Computing, Informatics and Media, 2012-01-31)
      This thesis examines the role of the media in the Kurdistan Region focusing on developments since the fall of Saddam Hussein¿s regime in 2003 in order to identify the challenges which have faced journalists there, and the construction of national identity and the potential opportunities which this sector presents for shaping public opinion and strengthening the nascent democracy in the region. After tracing the history of the Kurdish media against the broader backdrop of Iraq, using an interdisciplinary approach, this thesis analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the Kurdish media, with particular reference to regulation, examining the Press Law (2008). It concludes with a series of recommendations regarding the growth and development of new opportunities in the Kurdish media. In addition, it will present arguments to support the urgent need to develop a legal and regulatory framework which is fit-for-purpose for the media in this style democracy.