• Understanding the later prehistoric field systems of the Yorkshire Dales

      Armit, Ian; Gaffney, Christopher F.; Brown, Hannah J. (University of BradfordSchool of Archaeological Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences, 2016)
      The Yorkshire Dales National Park contains some of the UK’s most extensive and well-preserved prehistoric landscapes. Of particular interest are a number of coaxial field systems, which cover hundreds of hectares and exhibit significant time-depth, yet remain little studied and poorly understood in relation to comparable resources elsewhere in Britain and north western Europe. This research aims to address this situation, bringing together existing disparate source materials for the first time, alongside supplementary field observation, to develop a detailed record of the coaxial landscapes. Using a Geographic Information System to manage, interpret and interrogate the combined datasets, analysis focuses on form and character, and explores prehistoric use of the iconic landscape. The study seeks to enhance our knowledge and understanding of the landscapes’ place in space and time, setting them against the backdrop of systems elsewhere, and attempts to place them within the context of later prehistoric society. The research, conducted in association with the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority, also informs the management and public understanding of the archaeological resource of the Dales via the Historic Environment Record.