• Hadamard transformcoding of television signals. A theoretical investigation of the adaptive coding of Hadamard transformed television signals. The use of computable objective measures for the assessment of local subpicture characteristics in selecting appropriate coders.

      Downing, O.J.; Morsi, Ibrahim Zakaria (University of BradfordPostgraduate School of Studies in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 2010-06-30)
      The problem of determining an objective means for assessing local characteristics of television subpictures in a Hadamard transform multicoder scheme is stated and discussed. Detailed investigations of transform domain coefficient statistical characteristics for different test images have been conducted. Both monochrome and colour signals were used, as well as different transform sizes and shapes. " Directing Indexes " are proposed which, depending on the inter-relationships among transform coefficients and groups of coefficients, direct each subpicture to the appropriate coder. Three indexes in the case of monochrome signals are proposed, each with its own computational procedures and application requirements. Necessary modifications and changes for application of some indexes on colour signals are also discussed. The proposed technique of indexing eliminates the necessity of equal distribution of subpictures among 'activity classes', a major disadvantage encountered in present activity index. Coders to be used with each directing index are devised and tested, subject to an arbitrary bit rate of 2 bits per pixel, with satisfactory performance compared with some published results for other techniques.