• Formal Modelling of Cruise Control System Using Event-B and Rodin Platform

      Predut, S.; Ipate, F.; Gheorghe, Marian; Campean, I. Felician (2018-06-28)
      Formal modelling is essential for precisely defining, understanding and reasoning when designing complex systems, such as cyberphysical systems. In this paper we present a formal specification using Event-B and Rodin platform for a case study of a cruise control system for a hybrid propulsion vehicle and electric bicycle (e-Bike). Our work uses the EventB method, a formal approach for reliable systems specification and verification, being supported by the Rodin platform, based on theorem proving, allowing a stepwise specification process based on refinement. We also use, from the same platform, the ProB model checker for the verification of the B-Machine and iUML plug-in to visualize our model. This approach shows the benefits of using a formal modelling platform, in the context of cyberphysical systems, which provides multiple ways of analysing a system.