• A Frequency Tunable PIFA Design for Handset Applications.

      Elfergani, Issa T.; Abd-Alhameed, Raed A.; Bin-Melha, Mohammed S.; See, Chan H.; Zhou, Dawei; Child, Mark B.; Excell, Peter S. (2010)
      A frequency tunable planar inverted F antenna (PIFA) is presented for use in the following bands: DCS, PCS, and UMTS. Initially, the tuning was achieved by placing a lumped capacitor, with values in the range of 1.5 to 4 pF, along the slot of the radiator. The final tuning circuit uses a varactor diode, and discrete lumped elements are fully integrated with the antenna. The antenna prototype is tunable over from 1850 MHz to 2200 MHz, with an associated volume of 21×13.5×5 mm3, making it suitable for potential integration in a commercial handset or mobile user terminal.
    • Frequency Tuned Planar Inverted F Antenna with L Shaped Slit Design for Wide Frequency Range.

      Elfergani, Issa T.; Hussaini, Abubakar S.; Abd-Alhameed, Raed A.; See, Chan H.; Abusitta, M.M.; Hraga, Hmeda I.; Alhaddad, A.G.; Rodriguez, Jonathan (22/03/2011)
      A frequency tuned antenna has been designed to meet the coverage requirements of the DCS, PCS, UMTS and WLAN bands. The antenna consists of a main patch, and a planar inverted L (PIL) slot. The radiator patch is fed, and shorted, using simple feed lines with broadband characteristics. The handset represents the finite ground plane, and a varactor diode is mounted across the middle of the slot for tuning purposes. Initial tuning was obtained by placing lumped capacitors, instead of the varactor, over the radiator. Good agreement is obtained between the predicted and measured input return loss, gain and radiation pattern over the tuned frequency range.