• Great British Islam

      Rashid, M. Ali; Finnigan, R.; Baig, A. (2005)
      The trust in the relations between Islam and Great Britain has been strained since the attacks on the London public transport network. The attack was committed in the name of Islam. The documentary about Muslims in Great Britain describes the joint history since the 16th century, the arrival of the first Islamic immigrants. For the presenter, the British Muslim Anila Baig, tolerance between the cultures and the religious communities is the only way to a peaceful Great Britain. Unconventional and very entertaining.
    • Statistical Predictions of Electric Load Profiles in the UK Domestic Buildings.

      Ihbal, Abdel-Baset M.I.; Rajamani, Haile S.; Abd-Alhameed, Raed A.; Jalboub, Mohamed K. (02/12/2010)
      This paper presents a method of generating realistic electricity load profile data for the UK domestic buildings. The domestic space heating and domestic hot water have been excluded in this study. The information and results of previous investigations and works that is available in public reports and statistics have been used as input data when modeling of domestic energy consumption. A questionnaire survey was conducted to find out what occupants do in different times of the day in order to get probabilistic estimates of usage of electrical household. The daily energy demand load profile of each appliance can be predicted using this method. A measured data set is also applied for comparison, and verification. Our analysis shows that the generated load profiles have a good agreement with real data. The daily load profile from individual dwelling to community can be predicted using this method.