• A design procedure for a 1-to-4 Ultra-Wideband Wilkinson power divider

      Ali, Ammar H.; Abd-Alhameed, Raed A.; Hu, Yim Fun; Child, Mark B. (2016-11)
      The design of a physically small, equal phase and equal power, 1-to-4 ultra-wideband Wilkinson power divider is presented. Initially, a 1-to-2 divider was designed and optimized for the 3.1 GHz-to-10.6 GHz range. The 1-to-4 divider was then realized using three 1-to-2 dividers, and further optimized for full band insertion loss, return loss, and isolation. The circuits were constructed using a 0.75 mm thick Rogers RO3035 substrate, and experimentally validated.