• Investigation of Voltage Stability Indices to Identify Weakest Bus (TBC).

      Jalboub, Mohamed K.; Rajamani, Haile S.; Liang, D.T.W.; Abd-Alhameed, Raed A.; Ihbal, Abdel-Baset M.I. (2010)
      This paper proposes a new index to determine the static voltage stability of the load buses in a power network for certain operating conditions and hence identifies load buses which are close to voltage collapse. The proposed index is formulated from the quadratic equation derived from a two-bus network and is computed using the apparent power and the line impedance. The proposed index shows how far the load buses from their voltage stability limit and hence the most sensitive bus can be identified according to maximum loadability. 14 bus IEEE reliability test system is used to study the performance of the proposed index for its validity. A comparison is also made between proposed index and some other indices found in the literature. The results are discussed and key conclusion drawn.