• Localised Credit Based QoS Routing.

      Alabbad, Saad H.; Woodward, Mike E. (2006)
      Localized Quality of Service (QoS) routing has recently been proposed as a viable alternative approach to traditional QoS routing algorithms that use global state information. In this approach, problems associated with maintaining global state information and the staleness of such information are avoided by having the source nodes to infer the network QoS state based on flow blocking statistics collected locally, and perform flow routing using this localized view of the network QoS state . In this paper we introduce a credit based routing algorithm (cbr) which is a simple yet effective localized QoS routing algorithm. We compare its performance against the localized proportional sticky routing (psr) algorithm same time complexity. using different types of network topologies, QoS requirements and traffic patterns and under a wide range of traffic loads. Extensive simulations show that our algorithm outperforms the psr algorithm with the same time complexity.