• A Simplified Improvement on the Design of QO-STBC Based on Hadamard Matrices

      Anoh, Kelvin O.O.; Abd-Alhameed, Raed A.; Dama, Yousef A.S.; Jones, Steven M.R. (2014-06)
      In this paper, a simplified approach for implementing QO-STBC is presented. It is based on the Hadamard matrix, in which the scheme exploits the Hadamard property to attain full diversity. Hadamard matrix has the characteristic that diagonalizes a quasi-cyclic matrix and decoding matrix that are diagonal matrix permit linear decoding. Using quasi-cyclic matrices in designing QO-STBC systems require that the codes should be rotated to reasonably separate one code from another such that error floor in the design can be minimized. It will be shown that, orthogonalizing the secondary codes and then imposing the Hadamard criteria that the scheme can be well diagonalized. The results of this simplified approach demonstrate full diversity and better performance than the interference-free QO-STBC. Results show about 4 dB gain with respect to the traditional QO-STBC scheme and performs alike with the earlier Hadamard based QO-STBC designed with rotation. These results achieve the consequent mathematical proposition of the Hadamard matrix and its property also shown in this study.