• Study on interfacial bond behavior of recycled aggregate concrete filled stainless steel tubes (RAC-FSST)

      Zhao, H.; Li, J.; Wang, R.; Lam, Dennis; Zhang, Y. (2021-12)
      In this work, the interfacial bond performance of recycled aggregate concrete filled stainless steel tube (RAC-FSST) members was investigated through the repeated push-out tests. Three coarse recycled aggregate (CRA) replacements (0, 50% and 100%) and two cross-sectional dimensions were considered in the experimental program. The failure pattern, bond stress-slip response and strain development of stainless steel tube were obtained, and the bond mechanisms under different loading stages were analyzed. Test results showed that the ultimate bond stress increases with the increasing CRA content and decreasing cross-sectional dimensions. Compared with CFST members having carbon steel, RAC-FSST members present lower bond stress. The macro-interlocking effect is obvious in the later loading stage, resulting in a significant increase in the post-peak bond slip curves. Finally, the ultimate bond strength and idealized bond stress-slip models for the RAC-FSST members were suggested on the basis of the test results.