• Mobility management for m-commerce requests in wireless cellular networks

      Awan, Irfan U. (2009-05-29)
      Increasing number of sophisticated services provided by the current wireless communication systems have caused a significant transition from E-commerce to M-commerce. Enterprises have provided considerable new opportunities to promote their businesses accessible from small mobile devices such as personal digital assistant (PDA) or mobiles phones. These facilities are envisioned as the most convenient way of using M-commerce. Using such services from mobile phones or PDAs equipped with GSM/GPRS involve effective mobility management mechanisms in cellular networks¿a popular architecture for wireless networks. Success of such systems will largely depend on the reliable connection for the roaming users. Consequently, Quality of Service (QoS) provision is one of the most challenging issues in the heterogeneous wireless network-based m-commerce systems. Such m-commerce systems enable users to roam between different wireless networks operators and geographical areas while providing interactive broadband services and seamless connectivity. This paper presents an analytical framework to model scarce channels in any cell for maximizing channel utilization and efficient handling of handover requests. Typical numerical experiments are presented to validate the analytical solution against simulation to study the effect of bursty traffic upon the performance of the cell in any cellular networks.