• Hybrid modelling of machine tool axis drives.

      Whalley, R.; Ebrahimi, Kambiz M.; Abdul-Ameer, A.A. (2005)
      The x-axis dynamics of a milling machine where the workpiece and saddle are mounted on supporting slides is considered. A permanent magnet motor, lead screw, ball nut and bearings are employed as the machine, traverse actuator mechanism. Hybrid, distributed¿lumped parameter methods are used to model the machine tool x-axis drive system. Inclusion of the spatial configuration of the drive generates the incident, travelling and reflected vibration signature of the system. Lead screw interactive torsion and tension loading, which is excited by cutting and input disturbance conditions, is incorporated in the modelling process. Measured and results from simulation exercises are presented in comparative studies enabling the dynamic characteristics of the machine to be identified under, no load and with the application of cyclic, cutting force disturbances. The effect of the lead screw length, cutting speed and hence the load disturbance frequency are examined and the resulting performance accuracy is commented upon.