• The development of a hybrid knowledge-based system for the design of a Low Volume Automotive Manufacturing (LVAM) system

      Mohamed, N.M.Z.Nik; Khan, M. Khurshid (2012)
      A conceptual design approach is an important stage for the development of a hybrid Knowledge-Based System (KBS) for Low Volume Automotive Manufacturing (LVAM). The development of a hybrid KBS, which is a blend of KBS and Gauging Absences of Pre-requisites (GAP), is proposed for LVAM research. The hybrid KB/GAP system identifies all potential elements of LVAM issues throughout the development of this system. The KBS used in the system design stage of the LVAM system analyses the gap between the existing and the benchmark organisations for an effective implementation through the GAP analysis technique. The proposed KBLVAM model at the design stage explores three major components, namely LVAM car body parts manufacturing perspective, LVAM competitive priorities perspective and LVAM lean environment perspective. Initial results reveal that the KBLVAM system has identified, for each perspective modules and sub-modules, the Problem Categories (PC) in a prioritised manner.