• Planning of HMG with high penetration of renewable energy sources

      Baseer, Muhammad; Mokryani, Geev; Zubo, Rana H.A.; Cox, S. (2019-07-29)
      Hybrid AC-DC microgrid (HMG) allows direct integration of both AC distributed generators (DGs) and DC DGs, AC and DC loads into the grid. The AC and DC sources, loads are separate out and are connected to respective subgrid mainly to reduce the power conversion, thus the overall efficiency of the system increases. This paper aims to introduce a novel hybrid AC-DC microgrid planning and design model within a microgrid market environment to maximize net social welfare (NSW). NSW is defined as present value of total demand payment minus present value of total planning cost including investment cost of distributed energy sources (DERs) and converters, operation cost of DERs and the cost of energy exchange with the utility grid subject to network constraints. Scenario Tree approach is used to model the uncertainties related to load demand, wind speed and solar irradiation. The effectiveness of the proposed model is validated through the simulation studies on a 28-bus real hybrid AC-DC microgrid.