• Universal approach for estimating unknown frequencies for unknown number of sinusoids in a signal

      Ahmed, A.; Hu, Yim Fun; Pillai, Prashant (2013)
      This paper presents a new approach to estimate the unknown frequencies of the constituent sinusoids in a noiseless signal. The signal comprising of unknown number of sinusoids of unknown amplitudes and unknown phases is measured in the time domain. The Hankel matrix of measured samples is used as a basis for further analysis in the Pisarenko harmonic decomposition. A new constraint, the Existence Factor (EF), has been introduced in the methodology based on the relationship between the frequencies of the unknown sinusoids and the eigenspace of Hankel matrix of signal's samples. The accuracy of the method has been tested through multiple simulations on different signals with an unknown number of sinusoidal components. Results showed that the proposed method has efficiently estimated all the unknown frequencies.