• Microstrip Antenna for Microwave Imaging Application

      Adnan, S.; Abd-Alhameed, Raed A.; Hraga, Hmeda I.; Elfergani, Issa T.; Noras, James M.; Halliwell, Rosemary A. (22/03/2011)
      A compact microstrip antenna design to be used in breast cancer detection is presented. The antenna consists of a radiating patch mounted on two vertical plates, fed by coaxial cable. A study is carried out on different parameters of the antenna. Simulation results show that the antenna possesses a wide bandwidth and this is confirmed experimentally. In experiments, a homogeneous dielectric box, having similar properties to human tissue is used to study the interaction of the antenna with tissue. Even without added matching medium or lumped loads there is good matching when the antenna is in contact with the tissue. Finally a two-element antenna array is investigated numerically, with promising results.