• Evaluation of camshaft control strategies for a GCI engine using a multidisciplinary optimisation framework

      Kianifar, Mohammed R.; Campean, I. Felician; Richardson, D. (2014)
      This paper presents a calibration optimization study for a Gasoline Direct Injection engine based on a multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) framework. The paper presents the experimental framework used for the GDI engine mapping, followed by an analysis of the calibration optimization problem. The merits of the MDO approach to calibration optimization are discussed in comparison with a conventional two-stage approach based on local trade-off optimization analysis, focused on a representative emissions drive cycle (NEDC) and limited part load engine operation. The benefits from using the MDO optimisation framework are further illustrated with a study of relative effectiveness of different camshaft timing control strategies (twin independent Versus fixed timing, exhaust only, inlet only and fixed overlap / dual equal) for the reference GDI engine based on the part load test data. The main conclusion is that the MDO structure offers an effective framework for the GDI steady state calibration optimization analysis.