• Two-dimensional Markov chain model for performance analysis of call admission control algorithm in heterogeneous wireless networks

      Sha, Sha; Halliwell, Rosemary A.; Pillai, Prashant (2013)
      This paper proposes a novel call admission control (CAC) algorithm and develops a two-dimensional markov chain processes (MCP) analytical model to evaluate its performance for heterogeneous wireless network. Within the context of this paper, a hybrid UMTS-WLAN network is investigated. The designed threshold-based CAC algorithm is launched basing on the user’s classification and channel allocation policy. In this approach, channels are assigned dynamically in accordance with user class differentiation. The two-dimensional MCP mathematical analytic method reflects the system performance by appraising the dropping likelihood of handover traffics. The results show that the new CAC algorithm increases the admission probability of handover traffics, while guarantees the system quality of service (QoS) requirement.