• Call admission control using cell breathing concept for wideband CDMA

      Mishra, Jyoti L.; Dahal, Keshav P.; Hossain, M. Alamgir (2006)
      This paper presents a Call Admission Control (CAC) algorithm based fuzzy logic to maintain the quality of service using cell breathing concept. When a new call is accepted by a cell, its current user is generally affected due to cell breathing. The proposed CAC algorithm accepts a new call only if the current users in the cell are not jeopardized. Performance evaluation is done for single-cell and multicell scenarios. In multicell scenario dynamic assignment of users to the neighboring cell, so called handoff, has been considered to achieve a lower blocking probability. Handoff and new call requests are assumed with handoff being given preference using a reserved channel scheme. CAC for different types of services are shown which depend upon the bandwidth requirement for voice, data and video. Distance, arrival rate, bandwidth and nonorthogonality factor of the signal are considered for making the call acceptance decision. The paper demonstrates that fuzzy logic with the cell breathing concept can be used to develop a CAC algorithm to achieve a better performance evaluation.