• Crystallization of calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide in the heat exchangers of once-through multistage flash (MSF-OT) desalination process

      Alsadaie, S.; Mujtaba, Iqbal M. (2019-03-04)
      In this paper, a dynamic model of fouling is presented to predict the crystallization of calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide inside the condenser tubes of Once-Through Multistage Flash (MSF-OT) desalination process. The model considers the combination of kinetic and mass diffusion rates taking into account the effect of temperature, velocity and salinity of the seawater. The equations for seawater carbonate system are used to calculate the concentration of the seawater species. The effects of salinity and temperature on the solubility of calcium carbonate and magnesium hydroxide are also considered. The results reveal an increase in the fouling inside the tubes caused by crystallization of CaCO3 and Mg(OH)2 with increase in the stage temperature. The intake seawater temperature and the Top Brine Temperature (TBT) are varied to investigate their impact on the fouling process. The results show that the (TBT) has greater impact than the seawater temperature on increasing the fouling.