• Cyclic response of hollow and concrete-filled circular hollow section braces

      Sheehan, Therese; Chan, T.M. (2014)
      The behaviour of seismic-resistant buildings relies heavily upon the inclusion of energy dissipating devices. For concentrically-braced frames, this function is accomplished by diagonal bracing members whose performance depends upon both cross-sectional properties and global slenderness. Traditionally preferred rectangular hollow sections are susceptible to local buckling, particularly in cold-formed tubes, owing to the residual stresses from manufacture. This paper explores the response of hollow and concrete-filled circular tubes under cyclic axial loading. The uniformity of the circular cross-section provides superior structural efficiency over rectangular sections and can be further optimised by the inclusion of concrete infill. A series of experiments was conducted on filled and hollow specimens to assess the merit of the composite section. Comparisons were drawn between hot-finished and cold-formed sections to establish the influence of fabrication on member performance. Two specimen lengths were utilised to assess the influence of non-dimensional slenderness. Parameters such as ductility, energy dissipation, tensile strength and compressive resistance are presented and compared with design codes and empirically derived predictions.