• Strut-and-tie model based on crack band theory for deep beams

      Yang, Keun-Hyeok; Ashour, Ashraf F. (2011-10)
      A simplified strut-and-tie model including size effect based on the crack band theory is proposed to evaluate the shear capacity of deep beams. Concrete struts are idealized as uniformly tapered prismatic members with a stress relief strip whereas horizontal and vertical shear reinforcements are assumed to be an internally statically indeterminate system. The shear transfer mechanism of concrete and shear reinforcement is then driven by using the energy equilibrium in the stress relief strip and crack band zone of concrete struts. The shear capacity predictions of deep beams obtained from the present models are in better agreement with 637 test results than those determined from strut-and-tie models proposed by ACI 318-08, EC-2, and Tan and Cheng. In addition, the trend of the shear capacity of deep beams against different parameters as predicted by the present models has a consistent agreement with that observed from experimental results. In particular, the present model shows that the normalized shear capacity of deep beams is proportional to (h)−0.25, where h = section overall depth.