• Dielectric-Insensitive Phased Array with Improved Characteristics for 5G Mobile Handsets

      Ojaroudi Parchin, Naser; Basherlou, H.J.; Abd-Alhameed, Raed A. (2020-08)
      In this manuscript, a high-performance beam-steerable phased array antenna is introduced for fifth-generation (5G) mobile handsets. The configuration of the design is arranged by employing eight dielectric-insensitive L-ring/slot-loop radiators in a linear form on the top edge of the handset mainboard. The beam-steerable array design exhibits high radiation performances even though it is implemented on a lossy FR-4 material. The proposed design exhibits an impedance bandwidth of 18-20 GHz with the center frequency of 19 GHz. It provides satisfactory characteristics such as wide beam-steering, high gain and efficiency characteristics indicating its promising potential for beam-steerable 5G smartphones. The characteristics of the antenna array are insensitive for different types of dielectrics. Furthermore, the designed antenna array offers quite good radiation behavior in the presence of hand phantom.