• Green flexible RF for 5G

      Hussaini, Abubakar S.; Abdulraheem, Yasir I.; Voudouris, Konstantinos N.; Mohammed, Buhari A.; Abd-Alhameed, Raed A.; Mohammed, Husham J.; Elfergani, Issa T.; Abdullah, Abdulkareem S.; Makris, D.; Rodriguez, Jonathan; et al. (2015)
      5th Generation mobile networks (5G) and mobile communications technologies beyond 2020 will need to be energy aware so as to support services that are likely to be intelligent and bandwidth hungry, as well as to support multi-mode operation (LTE, LTE+, HSDPA, 3G among others) in a HetNet environment. This imposes stringent design requirements on the RF transceiver, a key consumer of power in networks today. This chapter will investigate the key RF subsystems forming part of the 5G RF transceiver, where energy efficiency and full radio flexibility are at the forefront of system design. In particular, we target advanced designs on antenna systems, RF power amplifiers and the challenges facing cross-talk in MIMO architectures.