• Design of Power Efficient Power Amplifier for B3G Base Stations.

      Hussaini, Abubakar S.; Gwandu, B.A.L.; Abd-Alhameed, Raed A.; Rodriguez, Jonathan (11/11/2010)
      Fourth generation systems require the use of both amplitude and phase modulation to efficiently utilize the available spectrum and to obtain high data rates, hence imposing stringent requirements on the power amplifier in terms of efficiency and linearity and requires the power amplifier to operate linearly and efficiently. The B3G base station transceiver Doherty power amplifier was designed to operate over the frequency range of 3.47GHz to 3.53GHz mobile WiMAX band using Freescale¿s N-Channel Enhancement-Mode Lateral MOSFET Transistor, MRF7S38010HR3; The performances of the Doherty amplifier are compared with that of the conventional Class AB amplifier. The results of 43 dBm output power and 66% power added efficiency are achieved.