• The 2009 Electronics and Telecommunications Research Seminar Series: 8th Workshop Proceedings.

      Sheriff, Ray E. (University of Bradford, 01/04/2009)
      This is the eighth workshop to be organised under the postgraduate programmes in electrical and electronic engineering (EEE). The workshop concludes the Research Seminar Series, which has provided a platform for disseminating the latest research activities in related technologies through its weekly seminars. The EEE courses cover a broad range of technologies and this is reflected in the variety of topics presented during the workshop. In total, thirty-three papers have been selected for the proceedings, which have been divided into seven sections. The workshop aims to be as close to a `real¿ event as possible. Hence, authors have responded to a Call for Papers with an abstract, prior to the submission of the final paper. This has been a novel experience for many, if not all of the contributors. Clearly, authors have taken up the challenge with enthusiasm, resulting in what promises to be an interesting and informative workshop.