• An improved distortion compensation approach for additive manufacturing using optically scanned data

      Afazov, S.; Semerdzhieva, E.; Scrimieri, Daniele; Serjouei, A.; Kairoshev, B.; Derguti, F. (2021-02)
      This paper presents an improved mathematical model for calculation of distortion vectors of two aligned surface meshes. The model shows better accuracy when benchmarked to an existing model with exceptional mathematical conditions, such as sharp corners and small radii. The model was implemented into a developed distortion compensation digital tool and applied to an industrial component. The component was made of Inconel 718 and produced by laser powder bed fusion 3D printing technology. The digital tool was utilised to compensate the original design geometry by pre-distortion of its original geometry using the developed mathematical model. The distortion of an industrial component was reduced from approximately ±400 µm to ±100 µm for a challenging thin structure subjected to buckling during the build process.