• 3D Virtual Community Building Applications in PANIVE Architecture

      Flerackers, C.; Chilton, Nicholas; Earnshaw, Rae A.; Lamotte, W.; Van Reeth, F. (2000)
      PANIVE (PC-based Architecture Networked Interactive Virtual Environments) is an extensible architecture in which various networked virtual environment applications can be realized. This chapter describes our efforts in realizing applications in the area of “3D virtual community building”, in which people can virtually meet each other, speak to each other, interact with each other, etc. in a virtual equivalent of conventional social communities. The overall architecture will be discussed briefly. Some attention will be given to the realization of the audio component in the system (speech input and 3D sound output) that supports intuitive interaction among the participants in a shared virtual environment. The main part of the chapter discusses and illustrates some demonstrative example applications that highlight the potential for realizing 3D networked virtual communities in the architecture.