• Application of a direct algorithm for the rectification of uncalibrated images

      Ipson, Stanley S.; Alzahrani, Ahmed S.; Haigh, J.G.B. (2004)
      An algorithm for the rectification of uncalibrated images is presented and applied to a variety of cases. The algorithm generates the rectifying transformations directly from the geometrical relationship between the images, using any three correspondences in the images to define a reference plane. A small set of correspondences is used to calculate an initial rectification. Additional correspondences are introduced semi-automatically, by correlating regions of the rectified images. Since the rectified images of surfaces in the reference plane have no relative distortion, features can be matched very accurately by correlation, allowing small changes in disparity to be detected. In the 3-d reconstruction of an architectural scene, differences in depth are resolved to about 0.001 of the distance from camera to subject.