• Evaluating the Benefits of Optimal Allocation of Wind Turbines for Distribution Network Operators

      Siano, P.; Mokryani, Geev (2015)
      This paper proposes a hybrid optimization method for optimal allocation of wind turbines (WTs) that combines a fast and elitist multiobjective genetic algorithm (MO-GA) and the market-based optimal power flow (OPF) to jointly minimize the total energy losses and maximize the net present value associated with the WT investment over a planning horizon. The method is conceived for distributed-generator-owning distribution network operators to find the optimal numbers and sizes of WTs among different potential combinations. MO-GA is used to select, among all the candidate buses, the optimal sites and sizes of WTs. A nondominated sorting GA II procedure is used for finding multiple Pareto-optimal solutions in a multiobjective optimization problem, while market-based OPF is used to simulate an electricity market session. The effectiveness of the method is demonstrated with an 84-bus 11.4-kV radial distribution system.