• A Priority-Based Admission Control Scheme for Commercial Web Servers

      Nafea, Ibtehal T.; Younas, M.; Holton, Robert; Awan, Irfan U. (2014)
      This paper investigates into the performance and load management of web servers that are deployed in commercial websites. Such websites offer various services such as flight/hotel booking, online banking, stock trading, and product purchases among others. Customers are increasingly relying on these round-the-clock services which are easier and (generally) cheaper to order. However, such an increasing number of customers' requests makes a greater demand on the web servers. This leads to web servers' overload and the consequential provisioning of inadequate level of service. This paper addresses these issues and proposes an admission control scheme which is based on the class-based priority scheme that classifies customer's requests into different classes. The proposed scheme is formally specified using -calculus and is implemented as a Java-based prototype system. The prototype system is used to simulate the behaviour of commercial website servers and to evaluate their performance in terms of response time, throughput, arrival rate, and the percentage of dropped requests. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed scheme significantly improves the performance of high priority requests but without causing adverse effects on low priority requests.