• Towards time domain invariant QoS measures for queues with correlated traffic

      Li, W.; Kouvatsos, Demetres D.; Fretwell, Rod J. (2015-02)
      An investigation is carried out on the nature of QoS measures for queues with correlated traffic in both discrete and continuous time domains. The study focuses on the single server GI(G)/M-[x]/1/N and GI(G)/Geo([x])/1/N queues with finite capacity, N, a general batch renewal arrival process (BRAP), GI(G) and either batch Poisson, M-[x] or batch geometric, Geo([x]) service times with general batch sizes, X. Closed form expressions for QoS measures, such as queue length and waiting time distributions and blocking probabilities are stochastically derived and showed to be, essentially, time domain invariant. Moreover, the sGGeo(sGGo)/Geo/l/N queue with a shifted generalised geometric (sGGeo) distribution is employed to assess the adverse impact of varying degrees of traffic correlations upon basic QoS measures and consequently, illustrative numerical results are presented. Finally, the global balance queue length distribution of the M-Geo/M-Geo/1/N queue is devised and reinterpreted in terms of information theoretic principle of entropy maximisation. (C) 2014 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.