• Unconfined Compression Strength of Reinforced Clays with Carpet Waste Fibers

      Mirzababaei, M.; Miraftab, M.; Mohamed, Mostafa H.A.; McMahon, P. (2013)
      This paper presents results of a comprehensive investigation on the utilization of carpet waste fibers in reinforcement of clay soils. Effects of adding proportionate quantities of two different types of shredded carpet waste fibers to clay soils (i.e., 1, 3, and 5% by dry weight of the soil) were investigated and evaluated. The investigation was conducted on specimens prepared at their maximum dry unit weight and optimum moisture content, as well on specimens prepared at variable conditions of dry unit weight and moisture content. A comparison was also made on specimens prepared at the same fiber content by changing dry unit weight while moisture content was kept unchanged or by changing both dry unit weight and moisture content. The investigation revealed that inclusion of carpet waste fibers into clay soils prepared at the same dry unit weight can significantly enhance the unconfined compression strength (UCS), reduce postpeak strength loss, and change the failure behavior from brittle to ductile. The results also showed that the relative benefit of fibers to increase the UCS of the clay soils is highly dependent on initial dry unit weight and moisture content of the soil. Failure patterns were gradually transformed from the apparent classical failure for unreinforced soil specimens to barrel-shaped failures for reinforced specimens at 5% fiber content.